Exile Object (Interactive installation)

El Objeto del ExilioAn installation by Liza Casullo and Federico Joselevich Puiggrós.

Is there an object that represents something from exile in Mexico for you?

We asked this question to argenmex* from different generations who lived or were born in Mexico between the 70s and 80s because of political persecution in Argentina.
We also made that question to ourselves.

Different answers are inside the boxes.

An exercise that made us think on the distinction between ‘ objects-memory’ things that recall the past and exile as ‘ objects-present ‘ which speak of cultural connections that reach us until today.

Anecdotes , choices, stories that debates around the personal and the collective memory of that experience.

We thank Julieta Ulanovsky  Sara Melul, Mempo Giardinelli, Sessano Pablo, Jorge Bernetti, Ana Amado, Carlos Ulanovsky, Mariana Casullo, Adriana Puiggrós, Sergio Caletti, Bárbara Caletti, Carolina Mera, Julián Teubal, Inés Ulanovsky, Pedro Joselevich, Toto Schmucler, Stephen Bieda, Maya Mercer.

This installation was part of a tribute “Landscapes from the protection and rooting” (“Paisajes del amparo y el arraigo”) that the Gino Germani Insitute (Social Science Faculty, University of Buenos Aires) made to the institutions from Mexico who received the argentine exilies in Mexico in the  ’70s and ’80s.

These are some of the boxes that were exhibited at the National Library of Argentina in November 2013:


El Objeto del Exilio26

El Objeto del Exilio27


El Objeto del Exilio34

El Objeto del Exilio31

El Objeto del Exilio38 copia

El Objeto del Exilio29

El Objeto del Exilio
Cassette letter from the 70s.
(bellow, the audios in spanish)


El Objeto del Exilio13


El Objeto del Exilio9

El Objeto del Exilio20

El Objeto del Exilio11


El Objeto del Exilio36


El Objeto del Exilio45 copia

El Objeto del Exilio

El Objeto del Exilio