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Liza Casullo is musician and performer. She works in projects that cross different languages and formats. She likes sound art, experimentation and the connection between voice and movement. Between 2000 and 2008 she was part of the psychedelic- folk band Doris that released  three albums and a EP. In 2012 she realeased her first solo album, Velvetbonzo that was presented in Buenos Aires, Rosario, México, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlín, Hamburgo among other cities.
She has composed the music/sound design for various thearical pieces and works in interdisciplinary projects that combine music, theatre, literature and digital art. Some of them are “The sleepless enigma” about the writer Norah Lange, “Dis Astro, concert for sounds, images and a found clock” based on “The writing of disaster” of Maurice Blanchot and the performatic concert “Lenguaje Mobile” about the sounds on new media devices. She also made the interactive installation “The object of exile” in the National Library and the performance conference “Chapter 32″ in the San Martin Cultural Centre 
In 2015 she won the Operas Primas award from the C.C. Ricardo Rojas with the play LimboScroll with Tálata Rodriguez and in 2017 she composed the original music for  the film”Tripper trapped in a projectile”,  and  performed in the opera “The universe in a thread”  by Marina DeCaro, premiered at the Teatro Argentino de la Plata (TACEC).

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