Lenguaje Mobile

Performative recital that plays sonorously and visually with deconstruction, overlapping and repetition of words and phrases, using different daily communication technologies.

A software programme shows 1% of the whole world tweets that are being sent in real time; words become an abstract and continuos fluid that never stops.

Later, images of the big central storages of our virtual life (Google, Facebook, etc) combine with phonemes and words invented by the Mobile corrector-dictionary.  Thus an almost- tribal-music arises from language spoils and sediments.

In the Performance Serie EN VIVO we were asked to work with something live and to think about the act of representing.

How could we represent and set in space the turbulent traffic sign zone that makes our everyday life?

Sound: Liza Casullo
Visual: Federico Joselevich Puiggrós
Performance serie “En Vivo”
Curator and Production: Sofía Medici
Production: Virginia Mihura
Buenos Aires, July 2013