Guided tour at the Mouseum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires


“The hard, dry, fragile shells of your ego are washing in the Infinite sea of creations. Feel the pulse of the heart of the sun.
And the naked and clean intellect is like an empty transparent ”

Timothy Leary, Manual for the psychedelic experience



I was invited to make a guided tour at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. I chose the Argentina Lisérgica exhibition and the visitors were guided through vocal sounds,  kaossilator sounds and fragments of Timothy Leary’s Manual for the Psychedelic Experience. My goal was to put the visitors in contact with the sensorial and mystical dimension of psychedelic experiencie through soundscape and Leary´s words.


Performance took place on sundays november 10th & 24th, 2013.

Argentina Lisérgica Collection, curated by Rafael Cippolini.

Photos by Nat Motorizada (

The Leary’s psychedelic experience manual and other books related: